securicare Class Lessons & Courses, Birmingham Area

Established in 1995 Securicare provide safety and health classes online. Ten years ago with two business partners we created a specialist independent education consultancy named Secure Hands Consultancy, this allowed us to use our capabilities across a protracted buyer group, present quality to assortment and influence expectations. In 2001, I quit The assistance and became the full period partner/specialist for Lamplugh Trust’ in Secure Palms along with a coaching expert. A British household- SecuriCare specialise in delivering an amiable home delivery, setup in 1984, work corporation and assistance assistance for getting your products.

SecuriCare present classes including conflict administration, conflict resolution, challenging behaviour, personalized protection, bodily treatment and discipline education. Coaching and classes are Nationally Approved by Edexcel, Area BTEC AND SIA. By employing team with frontline functional knowledge who are Licensed Practitioners using the Start for Understanding SecuriCare place.

It signifies a ‘radical and invasive change for the existing societal design,  and especially a change that has happened abruptly’. In 2006 there was research undertaken from the Social Care Institute for Quality (SCIE) which examined the readiness of organizations and staff members in the UK cultural care industry for e learning. SecuriCare provide a variety of standalone, as well as shows in the combined structure e- courses and class lessons.

Their Online Training Academyis distribution program gives pupils with the simplest, most flexible and costeffective induction training solution in the form of fifteen standalone classes (alongside disruptive passenger training online tests and vouchers) together with online workplace examination blankets that will be done from the office assessor and entered into the individualised portfolio.

Every person class material is completely planned to fulfill with the underpinning information specifications for the QCF Diplomas in Social and Health Care at Levels 2. Achievement of of the courses permits the applicant to fulfill with the knowledge features of of the mandatory units of the QCF Diplomas. SecuriCare concentrate on supporting cultural care providers to adhere to their legitimate specifications and to make certain that their staff can avoid and control challenging behavior consistent with current best practice. Team who deal in a health and social care environment, who could possibly be necessary to answer complicated, with customers behaviour.

As authorities services of instruction for the health and social care sector, SecuriCare also provide a range of medical programs targeted at providing team confidence and the knowledge to properly assist a variety of people who have complex needs. These contain Learning Disabilities, Autism & Aspergers, Mentalhealth Difficulties, Dementia Misuse, Schizophrenia and Dual Diagnosis. Courses also protect health promotion in Learning Problems, dignity in care as well as Continence and Pressure Region care. Spreading your scoops to your media reports that are social is vital to deliver your content that is curated.


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