deciphering My Toxic Dust From 9

As you know I was not in a position to attend the SGO Annual meeting in person however followed the research information and bulletins on Twitter. While limited information in another study confirmed a rise in mortality charges as a consequence of Ovarian most cancers for women who labored in the asbestos industry in another examine ( 1982) showed. Asbestos means chrysotile, cummingtonite-grunerite asbestos (amosite), crocidolite, anthophylite asbestos, tremolite asbestos, and actinolite asbestos. Inspection and cover plates on electrical gear and junction bins shall be stored in place always besides throughout testing or repairs.

The other 30 confirmed ranges of formaldehyde as excessive as thirteen times safe levels, with the testing labs reporting that they had not witnessed formaldehyde ranges that prime. CAVEAT: Of course demolition , in case your popcorn is pre-1980, do not touch it. Get it tested for asbestos first, and if it contains asbestos then get a professional asbestos handler to take away it for you.

Thursday’s technical session will embrace displays on Vermiculite & Zonolite by Mr. Ed Cottingham of the Zonolite Belief Fund and Mr. Bryan Bandhi of RJ Lee Group; Silica presentations from Mr. Jeffrey Prebish of OSHA, Dr. Michael Lax MD, and Mr. Jim Sorel CIH; Polychlorinated Biphenyls ( PCBs ) from Dr. Daniel Leftkowitz; and Asbestos presentations from Ed Cahill of EMSL and Tom Laubenthal.


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